Louis Vuitton from the court to commercialization

Technological progress makes the earth smaller and smaller. The faster you travel, the quicker you will travel. If you are a true donkey traveler, then you will definitely be on Louis Vuitton, because each of its products embodies a real journey. With:  Along with the rumbling of the simmering steam revolution, the train gradually became a tool for the upper social leaders to travel. The mainstream of consumption in the upper class, and the declining people in charge are also in desperate need of social consumption to prove their surviving status as an escaping swashbuckler. People need to use shipboard wealth and various scientific and technological achievements for material enjoyment.

The bags designed by Louis Vuitton have shown royal respect and nitpicking from the very beginning. Costumes for important occasions are on the verge of bankruptcy because of poor management.
Received awards, admired customers, and his customers throughout Europe, Louis Vuitton from the court to commercialization.

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