the happiest thing Replica Cartier Love Bracelets

Engagement is a prelude to the wedding. It is an agreement between the two men and women to formally determine the relationship between the unmarried couple. The engagement ring is the ring that the man gives to the woman. It is used to determine the willingness of both men and women to get married, and it is also a gift from the man to the woman. Thousands of years ago, the ring was just an ornament. It has not yet become a symbol of marriage. So, how did the engagement ring come about? Baodi Xiaobian brings you the legend of engagement ring. Regarding the engagement ring, there is a romantic diamond ring legend, saying that the hardest thing in the world is to love each other, but this is also the happiest thing Replica Cartier Love Bracelets. In 1477, Maximilian fell in love with a French Princess Mary, but because of the numerous pursuits of Princess Mary, Maximilian is very distressed, how can she win the hearts of the beautiful women? Later, Maximilian found someone to customize a beautifully carved, uniquely carved diamond ring for Princess Mary, who was favored by the princess and married to a happy couple Cartier Love Bracelets Fake. For this reason, it also created the tradition of diamond ring engagement. Others believe that the engagement ring originates from people’s possessiveness. It is said that in ancient times, human society popularized the custom of marrying a marriage. The man would grab a woman from another tribe to give her a shackle to express her ownership. Later, as it evolved into today’s engagement ring and wedding ring, the woman put on the man’s ring and said it belongs to him. In fact, no matter what kind of legends illustrate the importance of the engagement ring, they all tell the essence of the engagement ring – the guardian of love and marriage, when the woman is willing to wear the engagement ring sent by the man, when the man is willing to give the woman an engagement The ring shows the determination of both sides to want to live forever.

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